Saturday, September 6, 2008


guess who just got a job interview?
yaayayaya, i need a job soo badly. it's at this little gift shop/flower shop. and the manager was really nice.
weeee! im excited!
i have to go in on tuesday after school. nervousssssness.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

and the concious stains, won't wash awaaaay.

soooo, i've decided that my new (school) year's resolution is to come out of my shell. i have to stop being so shy, or else highschool is gunna suck ass. i mean, grade nine was alright, but now it's time to really start life. i feel like i'm wasting it being so afraid of what people think of me. i need to get over myself and just talk to people damnit.

i have my friends, and for a while that's all i thought i needed. but then i realized that my friends talk to other people and have other friends too.

bottom line, i need to stop being to mother loving shy.
the end.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

i like where you sleep

when you sleep next to me.

im in a bad mood.
i'll probably be going shopping tomorrow, but my friends mom is an overprotective bitch so she'll probably just be chillin with us. that was mean, im sorry. no im not. she's a bitch. ahh.
i should go call said friend. i shall be right back.

i called her. you dont care. weeeeee!
im a loser. im sitting here eating chocolate covered almonds, watching life with derek and ranting about stupid shit that doesnt even matter on the last saturday night of summer. i have no fucking friends. well, yeah i do. it just feels like i really dont right now. WHY AM I IN SUCH A BAD MOOD?
school starts on tuesday. yeah, that's probably why. i can't help feeling, though, that things will go back to normal with my friends once school starts again. we used to all be close.. now it feels like we're all in little cliques within our big one. meh. i haven't seen my "best friend" in like a month. agh.

i'm sorry, i try not to make random ranting posts but i couldn't help it tonight.

AGH, anyone else just get randomly down every once in a while for no reason at all?

Sunday, August 24, 2008


hey bloggahhhs.
sorry, i havent posted in a whiiiiiiile, i was in pei (which, by the way, has to be the WORST place for shopping EVER. grr) for a weeeeek. i got the most INSANE sunburn ive ever had. but soon it shall turn into a shmexy tan so s'all gouda.

sooo, this week (tomorrow) i'll be heading to new hampshire and then montreal to do my back to school shopping. AFHSJKFSJKF. i hate school. but i love shopping. therefore, i have a love-hate relationship with back to school shopping. rawr.

so i'm thinking these are the basics of what im going to buy...
-loose-ish fitting polos (3quarter length sleeves)
-a sweeeeeeeet backpack
-lotsa graphic tees
-sweaters (cardigans, zip ups, hoodies)
-JEANS (i need some new gray skinnies too)
-shoes (i need some to wear with socks when the weather gets chillay that arent hideous running shoes)

hmm, theres probably tonnes more, but thats all i can thing of for now.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


i really dont have anything to say.
so i thought i'd post a quite attractive picture of moi.

taken on my trampoline by my friend. ahhaha, daaaamn there are some GROSS pitchaass in that facebook album. dont you hate that?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

party friday night.

soo, friday night, i went to my first real house party. all the others ive been to were more outdoor bonfire-type shindigs. my hick-tastic town is big on that. :|
but anyway, it was rather fun until the alchohol started to wear off and all i wanted to do was go home and sleep. it also didnt help that the friend i went with(and the only close friend of mine that was there.. great) kept on leaving me to go off and flirt with the 19843892472 guys she has going at the moment. i guess that was good in a sense, though. it kind of forced me to talk to new people and not be so shy. i have this weird thing (while intoxicated) that i just shake people hands and im like "im kylie, by the way" to people who i dont think know my name. yeah, so i did that a lot.

i had a small conversation (if you want to call it that) that i dont really remember, with him. it was in the stage where all i wanted to do was sleep. so he was all (roughly) "heeeey kylie" and i was "heyyy" and then i think we both were just talking about how we wanted to go home.

i sat with this other guy a lot that i think might have gotten the wrong idea. he's sooooooo adorable, but i only like him as a friend. but i sat down on the couch and the guy beside him said something about "wheeling her" (a term for.. yeah.. used a lot in my town) and then the same guy was like "i'll help you". hmm, i could be totally mistaken though.

GOTM has a thing with a girl GOING INTO GRADE TWELVE. that means she is TWO years older than us. weird. kind of makes me want to hate her, but she's like the nicest person ever. she told me she likes my clothes. :) but my friend (that i went with) thinks that i should hook up with GOTM. yaay.

and then at the end it almost looked like he was getting up to hug me (cause we were leaving) but my friends mom was there and we had to go, so once i was out the door i looked back and he just kind of turned around and sat back down. DRAMATIC.

woooooow, that was loong. if you read all that, you get a cookie.
oh, and ps, im not a huge partier. i dont drink a lot, im kind of a goody goody. just so you dont get the wrong impression.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

my anti-back to school wishlist.

yes, that's right. THIS IS NOT A BACK TO SCHOOL WISHLIST. *sigh*, im in denial. oh, and the phone.. it's a definite no. but hey, a girl can dream!

i love old navy. soo cheap. and when youre a lazy ass like me and dont have a job, its FREAKING GREAT.
oh, by the way, i'd appreciate it if you didn't bash my style. i know it's not great, but i never claimed it was.

on a side note.. i think i shall introduce the guy i like into my blogging activities. we shall call him GOTM (guy of the moment). my friends think that i should go out with GOTM. only, they don't know that i like him. CURIOUS. could this possibly mean that he has said things to them about me? hmm..

to do list..
`get a job
`clean room
`get a job
`get a job

Monday, July 21, 2008

ooooh, i feel so honoured.


so raaaaaven (heroique) gave me this award. :) and i am flatttered.
So the rules of the award are:
1) When received, you may post the premio on your blog.
2) Link to the blogger you received from.
3) Give it to 4 blogs
4) And link to those blogs
5) Also, leave those four bloggers a comment about receiving the brilliant premio.
im giving le lovely award to...

p.s i love youuu!

"All I know is, if you don't figure out this something, you'll just stay ordinary, and it doesn't matter if its a work of art or a taco, or a pair of socks! Just create something... new, and there it is, and its you, out in the world, out side of you and you can look at it, or hear it, or read it, or feel it... and you know a little more about... you. A little bit more than anyone else does... Does that make any sense at all? "
God, i love this movie.
This quote is one of my favourites, simply because it's so true. When you create something it's you ... for other people to see. wow, im bad at explainations, but you get what i mean right?
more of my favourite quotes..
Daniel: "how did he die?"
Holly: "brain tumor"
Daniel: "NICE!"
Daniel: "We're so arrogant, aren't we? So afraid of age, we do everything we can to prevent it. We don't realize what a privilege it is to grow old with someone. Someone who doesn't drive you to commit murder or doesn't humiliate you beyond repair.
Holly: "i dont want to make any mistakes"
Gerry: "well, youre in the wrong species, love. be a dog"
John: "You know, Denise, that's why you're not married. Women act like men. Then they complain men don't want them"
Denise: "Oh, is that why? 'Cause I thought it was something different. I thought that it was 'cause I deserved the best and he's out there. He's just with all the wrong women. And let me be clear. After CENTURIES of men looking at my tits in stead of my eyes and pinching my ass instead of shaking my hand, I now have the DIVINE right to stare at a man's BACKSIDE with vulgar, cheap appreciation ...if I want to! "

Sunday, July 13, 2008

oh, dont you hesitate.

Put Your Records On - Corinne Bailey Rae

Three little birds, sat on my window.
And they told me I don't need to worry.
Summer came like cinnamon
So sweet,
Little girls double-dutch on the concrete.

Maybe sometimes, we got it wrong, but it's alright
The more things seem to change, the more they stay the same
Oh, don't you hesitate.

Go, put your records on, tell me your favourite song
You go ahead, let your hair down
Sapphire and faded jeans, I hope you get your dreams,
Just go ahead, let your hair down.

You're gonna find yourself somewhere, somehow.

Blue as the sky, sombre and lonely,
Sipping tea in the bar by the road side,
(just relax, just relax)
Don't you let those other boys fool you,
Gotta love that afro hairdo.

Maybe sometimes, we feel afraid, but it's alright
The more you stay the same, the more they seem to change.
Don't you think it's strange?

Go, put your records on, tell me your favourite song
You go ahead, let your hair down
Sapphire and faded jeans, I hope you get your dreams,
Just go ahead, let your hair down.

You're gonna find yourself somewhere, somehow.

Just more than I could take, pity for pity's sake
Some nights kept me awake, I thought that I was stronger
When you gonna realise, that you don't even have to try any longer.
Do what you want to.

Go, put your records on, tell me your favourite song
You go ahead, let your hair down
Sapphire and faded jeans, I hope you get your dreams,
Just go ahead, let your hair down.

Go, put your records on, tell me your favourite song
You go ahead, let your hair down
Sapphire and faded jeans, I hope you get your dreams,
Just go ahead, let your hair down.

Oh, You're gonna find yourself somewhere, somehow

some songs just make you feel.. good. i love this one.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

do you ever feel like..

do you ever feel like the world is so big.. but you absolutely love your little, tiny piece of it? like, the people you have in your life, even the ones you dont like, make up who you are.. and you love that they do? god, i have no idea what i would do without my friends.
i cant even
imagine my life, had my family decided to move somewhere else.
as much as i
want want want to move to a big city when i'm older, i love that i live in this tiny town. i love my little piece of the world.

Monday, July 7, 2008

well hi there.

my first post, eh?
well, im not sure exactly what to say.
i've had blogs in the past, though they've never really worked out. hopefully i'll stick to this one.
i suppose i should tell you all a bit about myself.
here it goes..
the name's kylie. im 14 years of age, and i love life. i love fashion, although it's not as big a part in my life as it used to be. i'd love to work for a big fashion magazine when i'm older, but the little non-self-confident-loser-in-my-head tells me that's too big a dream, so i honestly have no idea what i'll do with my life. i write. i've been told i'm good at it ever since grade one when i wrote a story about raining babies. my teacher marched me down to the office and forced the secretary to read it. good times, good times. i have amazing friends. to be honest, without them i have no identity. that's the way it feels, at least. they make up who i am. i'm obsessed with my ipod, even though i don't actually have good music taste. i'm not going to use capitols on this blog and there will be typos, so get used to it.
yep, c'est moi.