Sunday, August 31, 2008

and the concious stains, won't wash awaaaay.

soooo, i've decided that my new (school) year's resolution is to come out of my shell. i have to stop being so shy, or else highschool is gunna suck ass. i mean, grade nine was alright, but now it's time to really start life. i feel like i'm wasting it being so afraid of what people think of me. i need to get over myself and just talk to people damnit.

i have my friends, and for a while that's all i thought i needed. but then i realized that my friends talk to other people and have other friends too.

bottom line, i need to stop being to mother loving shy.
the end.


Zai said...

good advice :) i hope school goes well!

Raven said...

Come out of your shell! Do it! Do it!

Life is more enjoyable. :)