Saturday, August 30, 2008

i like where you sleep

when you sleep next to me.

im in a bad mood.
i'll probably be going shopping tomorrow, but my friends mom is an overprotective bitch so she'll probably just be chillin with us. that was mean, im sorry. no im not. she's a bitch. ahh.
i should go call said friend. i shall be right back.

i called her. you dont care. weeeeee!
im a loser. im sitting here eating chocolate covered almonds, watching life with derek and ranting about stupid shit that doesnt even matter on the last saturday night of summer. i have no fucking friends. well, yeah i do. it just feels like i really dont right now. WHY AM I IN SUCH A BAD MOOD?
school starts on tuesday. yeah, that's probably why. i can't help feeling, though, that things will go back to normal with my friends once school starts again. we used to all be close.. now it feels like we're all in little cliques within our big one. meh. i haven't seen my "best friend" in like a month. agh.

i'm sorry, i try not to make random ranting posts but i couldn't help it tonight.

AGH, anyone else just get randomly down every once in a while for no reason at all?

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