Tuesday, July 29, 2008

my anti-back to school wishlist.

yes, that's right. THIS IS NOT A BACK TO SCHOOL WISHLIST. *sigh*, im in denial. oh, and the phone.. it's a definite no. but hey, a girl can dream!

i love old navy. soo cheap. and when youre a lazy ass like me and dont have a job, its FREAKING GREAT.
oh, by the way, i'd appreciate it if you didn't bash my style. i know it's not great, but i never claimed it was.

on a side note.. i think i shall introduce the guy i like into my blogging activities. we shall call him GOTM (guy of the moment). my friends think that i should go out with GOTM. only, they don't know that i like him. CURIOUS. could this possibly mean that he has said things to them about me? hmm..

to do list..
`get a job
`clean room
`get a job
`get a job


Anne Marie said...

kylieeeee! :]
the cream colored dress is really cute.
p.s. in case you didnt know, this is caramelkiss from TV. haha

La Femme Chic said...

I love that clutch!

Zai said...

yesssss to anti-back-to-school-ness. but the shopping part is fun!
and ditto on needing a job. grrr i cba.
ps. cool clothes : )

Kaitlin Rae said...

i really like the dresses...and i don't wanna go back to school either!!! and i sadly need to get a job also...man kinda sounds like a downer, but i do love the dresses! : )