Sunday, August 3, 2008

party friday night.

soo, friday night, i went to my first real house party. all the others ive been to were more outdoor bonfire-type shindigs. my hick-tastic town is big on that. :|
but anyway, it was rather fun until the alchohol started to wear off and all i wanted to do was go home and sleep. it also didnt help that the friend i went with(and the only close friend of mine that was there.. great) kept on leaving me to go off and flirt with the 19843892472 guys she has going at the moment. i guess that was good in a sense, though. it kind of forced me to talk to new people and not be so shy. i have this weird thing (while intoxicated) that i just shake people hands and im like "im kylie, by the way" to people who i dont think know my name. yeah, so i did that a lot.

i had a small conversation (if you want to call it that) that i dont really remember, with him. it was in the stage where all i wanted to do was sleep. so he was all (roughly) "heeeey kylie" and i was "heyyy" and then i think we both were just talking about how we wanted to go home.

i sat with this other guy a lot that i think might have gotten the wrong idea. he's sooooooo adorable, but i only like him as a friend. but i sat down on the couch and the guy beside him said something about "wheeling her" (a term for.. yeah.. used a lot in my town) and then the same guy was like "i'll help you". hmm, i could be totally mistaken though.

GOTM has a thing with a girl GOING INTO GRADE TWELVE. that means she is TWO years older than us. weird. kind of makes me want to hate her, but she's like the nicest person ever. she told me she likes my clothes. :) but my friend (that i went with) thinks that i should hook up with GOTM. yaay.

and then at the end it almost looked like he was getting up to hug me (cause we were leaving) but my friends mom was there and we had to go, so once i was out the door i looked back and he just kind of turned around and sat back down. DRAMATIC.

woooooow, that was loong. if you read all that, you get a cookie.
oh, and ps, im not a huge partier. i dont drink a lot, im kind of a goody goody. just so you dont get the wrong impression.


Allie said...

kylie had a good time and i love herrr! :D


Anne Marie said...

gawwd you freakin skank ;]
just kidding. <3
all in all you had fun and didnt do anything too stupid

Sam said...

ha. hicktastic town. i live in one of those too. Lol