Sunday, August 24, 2008


hey bloggahhhs.
sorry, i havent posted in a whiiiiiiile, i was in pei (which, by the way, has to be the WORST place for shopping EVER. grr) for a weeeeek. i got the most INSANE sunburn ive ever had. but soon it shall turn into a shmexy tan so s'all gouda.

sooo, this week (tomorrow) i'll be heading to new hampshire and then montreal to do my back to school shopping. AFHSJKFSJKF. i hate school. but i love shopping. therefore, i have a love-hate relationship with back to school shopping. rawr.

so i'm thinking these are the basics of what im going to buy...
-loose-ish fitting polos (3quarter length sleeves)
-a sweeeeeeeet backpack
-lotsa graphic tees
-sweaters (cardigans, zip ups, hoodies)
-JEANS (i need some new gray skinnies too)
-shoes (i need some to wear with socks when the weather gets chillay that arent hideous running shoes)

hmm, theres probably tonnes more, but thats all i can thing of for now.


Ebony said...

hah I know how you feel. I have SO much stuff to buy for college but everytime I go shopping I get distracted and end up buying something random and non-college related.

rachael said...

the only good thing about going back to school is definitely the shopping :)

cute blog btw!

Sam said...

have fun.

Nena <3 Rogelio said...

I miss back to school shopping lol.
Now that I'm in college I just shop whenever.